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Installation and start-up

Thank you for choosing Orchesty for your project. The installation is simple, we can handle it in few steps.

What do we need?

To start and run Orchesty, we must have the Docker installed to ensure a virtualized environment. If you don't have any experience with Docker, we recommend going through its documentation.

Next, we'll need an executable binary make file. To install this binary, follow the instructions below:

Execute following command in terminal

apt install make

Skeleton download & Project initialization

The basis for the installation is Orchesty-skeleton, which is public on GitHub.

Run our Installer and follow the wizzard:

/bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"

Or if we want our tutorial codes:

/bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL" -s tutorial

Startup and login into Orchesty Admin

Using make init-dev command we start and download the Docker image, which sets up the database and starts all important services.

Orchesty Admin represents the user interface for design and control of processes, it's management, and related configurations. For more detailed information, we recommend visiting The introduction of Orchesty Admin.

Once installed, admin will be available at Create a new user before first logging in.

docker-compose exec backend bin/orchesty u:c

Now we can log into the UI. If you're starting with Orchesty, we recommend going through our tutorials.