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Orchesty SDK

Orchesty SDK packages belong to the integration layer. They have 2 key functions:

  • They provide a framework for creating connectors and applications.
  • They provide communication between the integrated service and the orchestration layer.

SDK in Orchesty-skeleton

The SDK can be used within the Orchesty-skeleton, where the SDK packages are already installed and whose download and installation is described in a separate chapter Installation. We can also use the SDK in any standalone application we want to integrate with Orchesty. Communication with the orchestration layer is completely independent. The Orchestration layer itself can also be used as a service.


There are two ways to integrate the service using Orchesty:

  • Install the SDK into the service and register the service to the orchestration layer in Orchesty Admin, see SDK settings.
  • Use the SDK to create connectors for the service and integrate it using its API.

SDK installation outside Orchesty-skeleton

Nodejs-SDK is available as a public package. To start the installation, run npm install @orchesty/nodejs-sdk.

You still need to register the application with the installed SDK package in Orchesty Admin. This will start communicating with Orchesty and its actions will be available in the topology editor. More information can be found in the SDK settings tutorial.