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Orchesty Store

Orchesty Store is one of the freely available Orchesty extensions. It is a collection of ready-made applications and connectors that can be easily modified and extended. Orchesty Store is a library, created using the SDK. In the same way, we can create our own collections and use them across our projects. We'll learn how to build new apps and connectors in our tutorials.

Available connectors

There is currently a store for PHP and Node.js in Orchesty. We can check available applications and connectors in their repositories:


The libraries for each language do not contain the same range of connectors and applications. You can use the Store libraries in the project simultaneously.


The Orchesty Store is available as a public package. Running pnpm install @orchesty/nodejs-connectors in the nodejs-sdk directory will download the package and store it among our node_modules.


The nodejs-sdk directory is valid when using Orchesty-skeleton, which uses package manager pnpm. The package can be installed into any application you want to integrate with Orchesty.

To add applications to the marketplace in Orchesty Admin, the application must be registered as a service in the orchestration layer. For instructions on how to register, see SDK settings.

Next, you must add the application and its connectors to the service container. See chapters Basic application and OAuth2 application. Connectors added in this way are then available for building topologies in the topology editor.